Sales Team

With the 3core advantages, our sales team has been building strongly relationships with customers.

Strategic Sales than Safe Business

In fact, it is rare for plumbing installation companies to have a specialized sales department. Fortunately we have been accepting orders for construction until now without selling ourselves actively. Still, we aim to be the world’s best facility company , and it is necessary to develop new areas. So we have set up the sales team which is under the direct control of President. It is important for sales team to have expert knowledge and know-how in order to be relied on by customers. So, we assign the sales team our present customers. We ask sales team to prepare for construction, experience the actual work and talk to local government. Needless to say , the sales team needs a basic knowledge , it can learn how to build a good relationship with customers , and acquire proposal skills. After that, these tasks improve its skills of dealing with existing and future firms.

The Dependable Information Leads to Accepting Orders

Our company aims to deal with new big firms which expand throughout Japan. On new sales , we don’t visit them. We don’t make random sales calls. The big firm will probably refuse an unfamiliar company like ours. For instance , we start to build a strong relationship between different kinds of industries which do business with big firms ,and acquire valuable information. Putting out feelers for information and having a wide network are very useful. Then, we can get to know about newly opened firms.
As a result , we can open branches around them , work for customers and receive orders for construction.

The Key is the Section to be Company’s Growth

If we can connect with customers , get orders for sure. We discuss the sales strategies , execute these plans and aim to accomplish our goal together. The sales team holds the clues to be the No.1 Facility Company in the world. It is worth working because it brings our growth directly. We would like our new employees to show their abilities in the workplace where you can propose new ideas frankly.