Construction Team

The work which was handled in various places by you means priceless.

You will be well-experienced in building new houses at first.

You will be well-experienced in building new houses at first, because our company has many detached houses work. We can’t lay pipes after placing floorboards. So the construction starts from laying foundations. We look at the architectural drawing and guess where the plumbing of the kitchen and sink will be . Then, we will install piping for equipment. After carpentry work, we make holes to install equipment. When pipes fit to the place perfectly, we are filled with pleasure. It is a great advantage of saving on expenses since it doesn’t need extra joints for position adjusting. Those piping which are set by experienced experts are beautiful.

You can make remarkable progress in the work through receiving special training and experiencing a great many constructions.

First, what you have to do is learning basic skills at training workshop. Also ,you can acquire the knowledge and the technique in Tone Numata Academy. It is unique for this industry to set the training period. After starting the actual work, you will gain experience steadily while our company construct 3-4 times as many buildings as other companies. If you work hard with enthusiasm, you can be a worker who have wide knowledge because in addition to new houses we have very complicated apartments, condominiums and renovation of commercial facilities like home centers. After you have finished commercial facility constructions , you will feel very proud to see them. There are many processes of plumbing work so you might have a hard time at first. Since you can see a new world there, you will not be bored. 「You are still young , but you do a well-done job.」We are very often fluently praised by proficient workers in different industries .The reason for this is , we have been handling various constructions everyday. Our company can conduct original training for staff thoroughly but others can’t. So you can gain experience about variety of constructions. Moreover, you can improve many times as fast as employees in other companies .

On and Off the Job: Besides Team Work is Perfect

The construction team is divided into groups of 4-5 . Each group has strong points . For example , one group is good at indoor work and another is good at outdoor construction including paving work. From 1 to 5 people work on construction depending on the size of the field . New staff always go to the site with senior colleagues, and new workers will not be left alone. There are experienced experts in the teams, you can learn how to work . President used to be a construction worker. It is encouraging for you to have reliable colleagues. Also , we have a good relationship. For example , one of the groups is on very good times whether it is their day off or not. They have dinner after work and go snowboarding. Aging and decreasing number of employees are regarded as a problem in this industry. Our company is clearly different in this point. We have been employing young people every year and creating a great and active workplace from the early stage.