General Affairs

You can acquire not only basic skills but also experience by engaging in “water supply” of infrastructure.

About Application Work

We need to apply to the local government for construction. Its paperwork is one of the general affair’s tasks. Of course we need drawings for construction, the staff makes them using specialized software. If the documents lack something , we can’t start the construction as scheduled at the worst case. To avoid that case, we consult our seniors and ask the government office for the details in advance. By doing so, general affairs play an important role in our company to realized customers’ requests.

About General Affairs Work

It supervises the work of construction to go smoothly. There are many plumbing processes of new properties, so we must divide installation into several parts and operate them between carpentry works. Consequently, the construction could be sometimes delayed. The general affairs team checks the schedule thoroughly and inform our construction team of any unfinished work. In addition, they manage instruction manuals of installations for example toilet stools. It is very hard to grasp all constructions because 80-90 works are going all the time. However , you will be able to feel 「 I am supporting the construction.」 Since the team deals with customers and makes documents to support the sales team, we are counting on the general affairs.

If you can enjoy supporting other workers, it perfectly matches you.

There are many kinds of tasks like these. By being change of certain area, we would like you to understand each environment and method. Then we want the team members to face the work as specialists. It suits people who want to help behind the scenes, adjusting schedule and supporting at the office. The team often cooperates with other departments and our company’s employees are very cooperative. We say 「Thank you . You saved me !」to each other all the time. We help one another in the department , you will work with no worries.