Our Structure

Group History

November 1998
September 2000
Sugawara Setsubi established a limited company
October 2001
Authorized by Nagoya City as a designated water and sewage services construction company
October 2001
Joined a cooperate water and sewage services construction company of Nagoya City
March 2004
Employed first Chinese trainees
December 2004
Registered as a company of septic tank and water sanitation purification installation governor of Aichi Prefecture(reg.―16)No.1352
March 2007
Accomplished building 400 houses in a year
December 2007
Acquired designated construction companies around Nagoya City and in Kasugai City in order to expand our business area
July 2008
Registered as construction industry(plumbing work)
July 2008
Established Aquatec
August 2008
Changed Sugawara Setsubi from limited to incorporated
March 2009
Joined the cooperative plumbing company in Kasugai City as an associate member
July 2009
Naoki Sugawara enterd Doyukai(small and medium-sized companies association)
December 2009
Registered as septic tank and water sanitation installation company in Gifu Prefecture and Mie Prefecture
June 2010
Registered as an industrial waste disposal operator
January 2011
Obtained our approval of Business Innovation Plans by governor of Aichi Prefecture
October 2011
Additionally registered(civil engineering work, plumbing work, fire fighting equipment installation and paving work)
December 2011
Stared to employ new graduates
March 2012
Built the new office of Sugawara Setsubi
November 2012
Aquired Koei Setsubi
July 2013
Naoki Sugawara became President of Aquatec
December 2013
Established Agile INNOVATION (in order to build the group)
December 2013
Received certification from ministry of the Environment and registered “Eco action 21”
May 2014
Built the new office of Koei Setsusbi
July 2015
Sugawara Setsubi increased their capital by 17 million yen totaling 20 million yen
March 2016
Opened a branch in Ichinomiya City
December 2016
Applied management power improvement plan and permitted
May 2017
Naoki Sugawara became President of Sugawara Setsubi
February 2018
Opened a branch in Nagoya City