Our Structure

Group Profile


December 18, 2013
Head Office
3-21-2 Motodera-cho, Tsushima-shi, Aichi, Japan
8 million yen
Total Sales Amount
1.15 billion yen (fiscal 2017)
Number of Employees
Business Overview
  • Rental Property Real Estate Agent
  • Plumbing (Plumbing Installation, All-Round Plumbing Installation, Septic Tank and Sewege Purification Installation, Renovation and Maintenance、Waterworks Construction)
  • Purchase of Construction Materials (Supply to Our Group Company)
  • Office Work Agency
  • Management Consulting Agency
  • OA Equipment Sales and Lease
  • Construction Equipment Sales and Lease

Management Policy

Creating Our Future

All our members are one group who realizes our hopes and always seeks for agile innovation. Meanwhile, we develop our business operation to create the future and progress our company value for all “dreams”.

Basic policy

  • We always place a great value on meeting people and pursue the happiness.
  • We harmonize highly with 3S’s(“supi-do”speed, “shitsu”quality, “sa-bisu”service).
  • We work enthusiastically and pursue happiness of material and spirit.
  • We respect each other, share sense of values, learn a lot, and grow up together.

Human Resources Policy

  • No.1
  • Speed
  • Challenge and Growth
  • Enthusiasm
  • Always Thinking 『Do it at once, do it certainly, do it until we can. 』

Policy of Action

  • We always greet cheerfully with a big smile.
  • We treasure the sense of appreciation,『Thank you.』
  • We work on "5S's" thoroughly. (Seiri:organizing, Seiton:tidiness, Seiketsu:cleanliness, Seisou:cleaning, Shitsuke:training)
  • We always think about other people’s situation and act spontaneously at all times.
  • We certainly report, inform and discuss.
  • We are certainly punctual, keep promises and work as scheduled.
  • We try to keep ourselves healthy and the safety of construction.

History of Logo

C: Challenge, C: Creation

Our group thinks that the employees are treasures. "i" of Agile has an image of "people" who stand in the center of the company. Our employees always have "Agile(a sense of speed)", seek for "C(Challenge)" and "C(Creation)" while they innovate constantly. The blue with a gradation means our company started just as a water supply company, has diversified and developed.