Core Advantage

Our company executes the work fitting clients’needs and deals flexibly. We can inspect after construction and apply to the government office. We would like to show you that our 3 advantages than those of other companies.

Advantage 1

Organization of Excellent Workers


People can run individual companies if they have basic skills. When the clients are big firms, they need a lot of workers for operations.
On the other hand, we have enough groups and there are 4-5 people in each group. So, we can handle many and large-scale works. The average age of our employees is 31. However, they have acquired expert skills because they have been working more than other companies. We have consistently been teaching the skills to them in order to work at the same level. Since there are many workers, we can construct high-quality houses, buildings and renovation etc.

Advantage 2

A Rare Company Authorized by Aichi Prefecture


Plumbing needs applications before construction, in addition, there are rules of methods and procedures. For the reason, small constructors work mostly in limited areas.

However, our company have been authorized by Aichi prefecture. We have operated in Tsushima, Ichinomiya, Obu and many other cities. The companies which have obtained qualifications are rare and only 10 percent. When you have several constructions in Aichi area, please ask our company first. Then, you won’t have to waste your time. In addition to construction, we can also carry out our tasks from handing in the necessary papers to designing piping. This leads to close cooperation among ourselves, and besides, we have been offered construction by big firms.

Advantage 3

Coping with Difficult Work Brings
Trust and Excellent Performance


We have thoroughly prepared to accept clients´orders with technical skills and covered wide area. That’s why we are a great company to accomplish a large number of constructions in Tokai area. Our construction records are over 1000 in the 2016 fiscal year, and we have had a 10% market share of wooden houses for 3 consecutive years in Tokai area. We have been recognized widely in this business. Since we have been handling many constructions, we have technical expertise and experiences. As a result, we have learned to execute any work. There are water pipes under the ground. We usually won’t know where they are until digging. Because of this, the water might spurt out accidentally from the broken pipes during construction. In that case, we can cope with the matter swiftly. Our performances have been rated very highly because we can cope with construction flexibly and work promptly.